Creative studio based in Barcelona.

Blend is a graphic design studio founded by Alícia Gómez. We create and enhance brand identities, websites, apps, strategies and campaigns for big and small companies and institutions. We build a unique language for each of our projects, highlighting the qualities that make it special. We aim to achieve our customer goals with a modern and technological approach.


Alícia has been always in charge of all Coolmapp’s design needs (branding, app design, web design…), and we have been able to realize not only her astonishing talent for design (it’s not by chance her work has been awarded several times) but also her love for our brand and how trustworthy she is. I still remember my surprise after her improvements to my app prototype in our first meeting. If you are looking for an awesome designer, look no more!

Francisco Pujals


“Alícia has the hability to analyze and go deeper into the subject, and this is something hard to find nowadays. She understood perfectly the philosophy behind our product, and she applied it masterfully into the branding and the website. In addition, she is able to surround herself with a team of quality professionals, and coordinate them without problems.”

Robert Aznar

Nua Bikes

The work that Alícia did, surprised us from the begining. She understood easily what we wanted. We formed a very different tandem, a creative personality and a technical one, and she managed to blend these two personalities into one logo. The result was an impeccable, fast and made to mesure design. A love at first sight.

Míriam Cerezo & Maria Jiménez

Burgundy Concept


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